Musicians have the tendency to be addicted and you will understand why in this piece. Typically, a musician would either be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

This does not mean that they do not face other forms of addiction, it only suggests that the above-mentioned substances are what most of them indulge in.

The reason why a musician is susceptible to addiction is because of how they are wired. Just like visual artists, musicians are very creative individuals who express themselves and various happenings with the use of music.

Basically, music is their mode of communication and if you are someone who loves and understand music, they will find it easy to connect with you.

Musicians invest couple of hours to produce a good song that their listeners would listen to.

The sad part behind this is, not all of them would love it. And the musician has to be prepared for it. No matter the volume of input invested in a craft, not everyone would appreciate it because we are wired differently.

Due to this, some musicians take it to heart and they become discouraged. So, in a bid to cure their discouragement, they will strive to perform better and they end up putting themselves over the edge.

In order to keep up with the extreme stress they have caused themselves, they become addicted to either a behavior or substance.

Closely related to this is the fact that musicians are always stressed because of the long hours they spend working on their music. A good number of them do not know how to cool off this stress and this is why some of them end up addicted.

A musician needs to put his or health into utmost consideration and it does not boil down to their physical health alone, their mental health is equally important. This can be achieved by implementing safe health practices that would help to foster a good state of health.

For musicians who are addicted, it is safe to visit an addiction treatment counselor who would help them get better.