Fame and Recognition

recognition and fameThe desire of every true musician is to be recognized for their musical compositions and contribute to the continuum of good quality music. Unfortunately, with fame and recognition frequently comes opportunities to overdose, abuse substances and become addicted. Famous musicians are frequently offered alcohol, drugs, sex and other addictive substances or activities simply because of their iconic status. Not every musician accepts these offers. Some are of a very oppositional ethical standing. But many who are young and experimental jump on board for the ride and are not able to control the outcome.
When musicians are first starting out, their love for music is their driving passion, and fans and peers alike are drawn to the creative light they emit. However, their glowing appeal can be tarnished if they slip into the grasp of addiction or substance abuse. For many musicians, it simply begins as a social habit. They are invited to more high profile parties and social occasions than they have been to in the past, and are more surrounded by partying and excess then ever before. This naturally has an influence on their own lifestyle, even if they are merely trying to fit in at first. Some are more resistant than others. Some were anticipating this kind of lifestyle and cannot wait to experiment with whatever comes their way.
Overtime, substances and addictive activities become a more established part of the artist’s life. Their careers begin to revolve around it. Their music is written about it. They are under the influence when composing. Their spare time revolves around indulging. This is usually the point when a musician’s craft begins to deteriorate. Musicians who have foresight and are more resistant to addictive tendencies will rethink their decisions and clean up their acts. But those who become lost in this world of excess and indulgence are in for a very hard future.